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"A Window of Time® solves the issue of where to put the calendar so everyone can see it."
                                                            The Oregonian
$12.99 includes shipping and handling


Saves money--A Window of Time lasts for years!

A Window of Time® is the last calendar your family will need!  Follow the instructions to place the calendar on a window, refrigerator or mirror.  Use Expo  brand dry erase markers, and at the end of the month recycle your calendar by simply wiping it clean with a damp cloth.  A Window of Time® will last for years. 

A Window of Time® is the clear choice in perpetual calendars.   To see this reusable and innovative calendar at work, visit youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpBTDlKHQa8


Spring sport season is nearly here!  If you have A Window of Time®  on your refrigerator door you can avoid the last minute rush to figure out which field your kids are playing on today!
Use A Window of Time® to:
  • Organize family appointments and activities
  • Display family chore charts
  • Introduce children to time management skills

See what A Window of Time owners have to say about using this beautiful calendar in their homes at http://www.yakaboutit.com/page/yak-nation/?keywords=a+window+of+time.  Just click on the calendar image to read our reviews!



Arrives on protective white cardstock.  Applies clear to your window,  mirror or (as shown here) refrigerator door.  Amazing electrostatic forces hold it in place.

Removes easily for cleaning or relocation.

Use it as you would any calendar--forever!

Dimensions: 14"x181/4" (Image 12"x161/4")


Getting Started:

A Window of Time will adhere to windows, mirrors and refrigerators. To assure optimal performance of your calendar, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Carefully clean your window, mirror or refrigerator door prior to applying the calendar.  Please use window cleaner.  If you are placing your calendar on a stainless refrigerator, use window cleaner rather than stainless cleaner or the calendar will not adhere.  All dust and grease must be removed to allow A Window of Time to properly cling to the surface.

2. Separate the vinyl cling calendar from the protective backing and place it on your cleaned surface.

3. Ensure adhesion and remove air bubbles trapped between the calendar and glass by gently coaxing them out with the side of a plastic card or a damp cloth.

4. After applying A Window of Time, clean the face of the calendar with window cleaner.

5. If you are using the calendar on a textured refrigerator surface, it will need to rest for about 24 hours to create a smooth writing surface.

6. The choice of pens is important with A Window of Time.  We prefer Expo Brand markers in well saturated colors. Bullet point markers work best and are widely available.  Remeber to store your markers horizontally.
                         For window and mirror applications: Use Expo Brand Dry Erase markers
                         For refrigerator applications: Use Expo Brand Dry Erase, or Expo Brand Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase markers

7.. Gently clean A Window of Time with a dampened soft cloth.  Surface grease may be removed with window cleaner.

8. If someone should accidentally use a permanent marker on your Window of Time, it can be carefully removed with rubbing alcohol.  We know.  It's happened in our house!


1 Window of Time
14"X181/4" (Image 12'X161/4")
$12.99, includes shipping and handling

Volume discounts and special orders with your company, school or organization's logo are available.

Contact us at awindowoftime@hotmail.com or 503-490-5793 for a quote

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